• Puppies

    Hooray, hooray!!!!

    On November 10, puppies were born in our kennel.Lala and Farad gave us 7 wonderful puppies – 3 boys and 4 girls. All puppies are booked

  • Exhibitions

    CACIB IN VLADIMIR 14.08.2021

    Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Our star Naslediye Tibeta ELDA became the best tsatsiba in Vladimir !!!! CLASS WINNER, BEST FEMALE OF BREED, CACIB, CAC, ChRKF, BEST OF BREED !!!!! Many thanks to the owner Evgeniya Andrianova for her love and hard work in the exhibition work !!!!!

  • Exhibitions

    1.05.2021 The 2 largest exhibitions Eurasia 2020 and Eurasia 2021 were held!

    We were very pleased with our results!! The Naslediye Tibeta Shansi (Juras x Zina) based on the results of exhibitionsYoung Winner of “Eurasia 2020”, Young winner of the CIS 2020 Young Winner of “Eurasia 2021”, The Young Winner of the CIS 2021!!! And also according to the results of the exhibition work for 6 months, Shansi became the JChRussia, ChRKF, JChNKP Tibet.mastiff, ChRussia, ChRKF!!! Many thanks and many congratulations to Lena and Denis! You are super!!!

  • Exhibitions


    It’s just super!!! On02/15/20 Our Freda (Lyali’s daughter) became the winner of the monopred exhibition in Moscow of the rank of “Winner of the club of the Year” in a competition of 18 dogs!!!!Naslediye Tibeta Freda (Nasledye Tibeta Najsa Vin x Otgon Ot Krasni Bogateri) – The best female junior, the best junior, the best representative of the breed!!!!! Freda closed the title of the Young winner of the club!!!!! Hurray!!!! Congratulations to the owners,Denis Ryzhenkov and Elena Bilgildeeva, who is also Freda’s handler!Thank you so much for your hard work!!!

  • Exhibitions


    Hurray!!! Hooray!!!Our Zina became the winner of Eurasia_2019!!!!Eurasia-1 – KAILAS DREAM JOSELINA DLYA NASLEDIYE TIBETA (Zina) – Winner of Eurasia 2019! CACIB, CAC, BOS !!!!! Eurasia-2 – KAILAS DREAM JOSELINE FOR TH KAILAS DREAM JOSELINA DLYA NASLEDIYE TIBETA (Zina) – RCACIB, CAC (1st place in the open class)!! And our Senechka is the Young winner of Eurasia!!!!!! Eurasia-2 – NASLEDIYE TIBETA SAMIR (SENYA) – YOUNG WINNER OF EURASIA, BEST UNIOR, JCAC, BEST UNIOR MALE Many thanks to our handler, Sveta Moroz!

  • Exhibitions

    Tour of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan!

    According to the results of participation in 3 exhibitions in three countries, the Naslediye Tibeta Eson – 3xCW, 2xR CACIB, champion of Georgia, champion of Armenia, champion of Azerbaijan, champion of the Caucasus!Many thanks to our handler, Sveta Moroz!